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December 19, 2021 4 min read

Aquarius is the most stylish zodiac sign of all. Aquarius girls are known to be the conversation starters. Aquarians can easily create amazing creative looks by mixing and matching outfits. Aquarius women are different, strong-willed, and highly determined people. As far as shopping and dressing up is concerned, the Aquarius women are known to be trend-setters. 

Apart from Aquarius, women also have a thing for jewelry, not just any jewelry but one that can add some meaning to the outfit. Aquarius is a fire sign; they are extremely fierce and determined when it comes to their clothing. They will not wear anything for the sake of it, but it has to make sense to them and describe their personality trait. 

If you are looking forward to having wild birthday celebrations, continue reading. This article mentions some hot birthday outfit ideas that do not include dresses. Yes, you heard that right!

Aquarius shirt white anything design with 3 shorts and boots, zodiac clothing for birthday outfitAquarius Shirt and Shorts

The first outfit suggestion for your birthday bash is an Aquarius shirt in peach color with distressed shorts. Now the fun part is you can wear any peach or baby pink colored tee with the print of your preference. You can get a personalized print on your plain tee. 

Now pair it with distressed denim or mini cotton shorts. You can choose peach, blue or white-colored shorts to match the tee-shirt. If you choose to wear peach-colored shorts, you should go for a baby pink tee-shirt. Considering it is your birthday, we need to amp up the outfit to fit the occasion. Hence we will add some necessary fashion accessories to it. Wear a slim locket chain in golden color. 

To complement the neck chain, you can wear a pair of nice studs in a baby pink color. The golden locket with baby pink studs will complete the outfit. We’d suggest you apply minimal makeup, because less is always more! Wear a light-pink-colored lip color to give the required push to your lips. 

Apart from jewelry and makeup, footwear is the most important thing that makes your outfit look woe or terrible. Regardless of the shorts you have paired, you can wear camel-colored- calf-length boots. It is up to you to wear high-heel boots or flat calf-length boots; because both will only add elegance to your outfit. 

Now, the last thing is to set your hair; you should leave it open and flowing. Additionally, you can paint your nails with a light color to let the tee-shirt color flow through in your outfit. This outfit is perfect for women who love to keep it trendy, hot, and still utterly comfortable. 

Aquarius shirt collegiate red design with 3 shorts and red boots, zodiac clothing for birthday outfit

 The Glitter Boot Look

Aquarius women who like to party but with comfort must try this outfit once. You have to wear a dark-pink tee-shirt and match them with shorts. You can choose the color based on if you are going to a party at night or during the day. Your birthday bash will shine brighter when the birthday girl looks red hot in her outfit. 

Get your Aquarius shirt customized with Aquarius-related quotes, or mention your zodiac. Wearing your zodiac on your birthday is super trendy these days. Additionally, the pink-colored tee-shirt can easily be paired with shorts in different colors. For example, it will look amazing with iced blue mid-length shorts with a jute belt on them. 

You can choose to tuck in the tee-shirt in your shorts. The jute belt will highlight your waist and give a push to your hem. The next option is to wear mid-length black shorts. Finally, if you want to add a pinch of fun to your outfit, choose distressed shorts. 

An outfit is only complete and puts out its true vibe when you pair it with the necessary accessories, be it fashion or otherwise. For example, you will need a heart-shaped locket in sparkling golden color in this outfit. If you want, you can wear Sharp-edged studs. 

Let’s give your outfit the hot touch, wear a pair of high heel pink glitter booties. Red and pink are colors of hotness. Wearing glitter pink footwear with a distressed pair of shorts will make you look super-hot while being at your comfortable best. 

You can wear this outfit for a day outing, night party or even for your birthday celebrations at home. To complete the look, wear maroon-brown lipstick. You can change your lipstick color based on whether you are wearing the outfit during the day, evening, or night. Keep your makeup minimal but let your cheeks blush bright because it’s your birthday! Don’t forget to set your hair for the night; make some light curls and let them flow. 

Ripped Denim Shorts with an Oversized T-Shirt

Hone the hot girl next door look by pairing a boyfriend t-shirt with ripped denim shorts, tie your hair up in a bun or maybe let them lose. Put on some golden chunky jewelry, big hoops, a red lipstick with heels and you are good to hop into a party. 

The casual clothing will turn you into a diva in no time. Creating this look takes absolutely no time. We have seen some of the popular celebrities like Selena, Katy, Taylor Swift, and Kylie carry this look like a queen. 

What are you waiting for? Recreate this look and keep them wondering what makes an aquarius girl look hot and tempting all the time!

Final Words

There is nothing that an Aquarius woman cannot carry unless she wants to, duh! As per the Aquarius personality, they are outgoing and happy-t-go. They like things deep with strong connections. Thus, they only wear things that make sense to them. They put their hands on outfits that others feel hard to carry. 

You give an Aquarius woman a pair of jeans and top, and she will transform it into a trend-setter outfit using her creative side. You can try the outfit ideas mentioned above and let us know how they look on you. You can also wear other accessories such as a flashy watch, a bracelet, or rings. Ensure to pair only three accessories at a time.

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