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December 19, 2021 4 min read

Are you a charming aquarian whose birthday is just around the corner? We know it's a little difficult to select a perfect outfit for your special day. But if you are opting for your zodiac inspired clothing this year, then this post is for you.

 The most delightful thing about your birthday is to plan your outfit for your special day. Aquarians, of course, are unique, creative, and assertive, and have an amazing fashion sense. Water bearers are revolutionary and set their own fashion rules. 

 Let your zodiac sign speak for this year's seasons!

White Skinny Jeans with White Aquarius Shirt

The tone-on-tone clothing is sophisticated and offers timeless fashion. Pair your white Aquarius Shirtwith skinny white jeans that will elongate your body shape perfectly. Add texture to your monochromatic look with a warm tone jute bag. Not only will this add on character, but it's also practical for storing your phone or other items. 

Aquarius shirt white star design with white jeans and chucks , zodiac clothing for birthday outfit


If you want to keep your appearance practical yet stylish, go for high ankle converse shoes. A silver watch is also a must to complement your look and show your personality. 

A pop of color is going to look perfect with this white fit. So add red lips to your chick look and a pair of rainbow sunglasses to showcase your bold and quirky personality. No matter where you're planning to celebrate your birthday, this ensemble is ideal for any placement. 

Black Ripped Denim with Black Aquarius Shirt

 True to your zodiac sign, Aquarius traits are unique and independent. Black is the classic way to show your intense personality. A pair of ripped black jeans will look flawless with a customized black Aquarius T-shirt, made especially to fit your body and reveal those amazing curves.

 Now comes the fun part, accessorizing your black outfit. Pick your statement pieces that express your adventurous side, like a pair of black boots with silver buckles and a silver spiked hand bracelet, which will surely turn the heads of onlookers. If you are hitting a bar with your friends on your birthday, this look is perfect to define your free-spirited personality.

 Of course, a hint of red is a must to show your rebellious nature. Even a simple red linen scarf, red nails, and a touch of lip balm will do the job to complete your final look if you're not a big fan of make-up.


Aquarius shirt black 100 proof design with black jeans red scarf and boots, zodiac clothing for birthday outfit


3. Black plain Denim with Blue Aquarius Shirt

If your Aquarius traits are compassionate and altruistic, then this next look is for you. A blue Aquarius shirtis perfect to represent your curious, creative and mysterious personality. Pair your zodiac tee with black denim jeans to highlight your amazing long legs.


If you are one rebel aquarian who likes to go out of the box, smoky eyes and red lips are perfect for you. Especially if you are celebrating your birthday at night, golden smoky eyes with winged liner and classic red lips will definitely make you the center of attention. 

 Aquarius shirt purple queen of thrones design with black jeans red scarf and boots, zodiac clothing for birthday outfit

Lastly, top off your ensemble with some statement accessories like blue booties, a dial watch, and a pair of blue danglers. These essentials, for sure, will reveal your smart, direct, and friendly attributes.

 Brown Bell Skirt with Beige Aquarius Shirt

If you want a formal look that's casual yet exciting, then this next Aquarius outfit is for you. Aquarians are known to be knowledgeable and stick to their traditions and beliefs. So if you want to explore something other than jeans, a knee-length bell skirt is the perfect option to consider. Pair a beige Aquarius shirt with your brown knee-length bell skirt to match the color scheme. Wear your tee tucked neatly in your skirt to bring attention to your waist and stunning curves.

Go for neutral make-up with pink lips to create an enchanting look. Don't forget to add couple cots of mascara to accentuate your amazing eyes. Finally, add statement pieces like diamond studs and nude pointed high heels for fashion accessories. This look is perfect if you are hosting a formal birthday party or going for dinner in a top-notch restaurant.

Burgundy High Rise Leather Tapered Pants with Taupe Aquarius Top 


Of course, Aquarians are bold and fierce, so what better way to celebrate your special day than to be a trendsetter on your birthday. Go for faux high-rise burgundy tapered leather pants that are statement themselves. Pair your leather pants with a taupe Aquarius top, make it cropped to create separation between your two pieces. It's a great way to look chic and brings attention to your body shape.

For make-up, do what your heart desires. You can rock anything, a bold look and glam look or a more subtle look with a winged liner to highlight your eyes. Let your hair shine in its natural state to complement your whole look. 

 Black sunglasses are a perfect and trendy option to accessorize your look. You can wear them normally or at top of your head to make them more like an accessory. Lastly, complete your outfit with trendy and must-have wardrobe essentials, a pair of black doc martens. 

Wrap up:

Your special day should be a big deal, whether you are going full-blown with celebrations or for a low-key get-together with your family and closest friends. You deserve to look pretty and feel great on your birthday. Today, zodiac clothes are trending as these showcase your personal traits and style.

If you are an astrology lover, consider adding zodiac clothing to your wardrobe. Aquarians or water bearers are known to be exceptional and optimistic. So, if you are an aquarian girl and want to make this birthday memorable by representing your zodiac sign, then style yourself with these custom-made Aquarius clothes.

 Mentioned above are some of our birthday outfit ideas, along with matching accessories to help you look the absolute best. These staple pieces allow you to rock your unique style and are perfect for any party. So this year, feel extra special on your birthday and show your amazing personality with these eye-catching Aquarius shirts.

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